We strive to provide many options for adults to engage their faith here at WPUMC. We have regular Bible studies and small group meetings as well as service opportunities. We want everyone to participate in worship, study, and service every week.

The Church can provide valuable things for adults today. We find value in spending time with people of different generations and learning from each other. We also know the importance of having people going through the same things you are to share with. The Church also provides time to be unplugged. We want adults to come to church and feel a sense of peace.

Never before has The Church had to serve so many generations at one time which makes the task exciting but challenging. We all love tradition but we also know faith needs to be genuine and intentional, not just done the way we’ve always done it. Whether something is old or new doesn’t matter so much to us as long as we know why we do it and it helps us live Christ-centered lives.




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