What to Expect

Parking: We have a parking lot you can access from Collins St. There is some street parking on Liberty St. There is also available parking at the American Legion lot (located off of Liberty St.) that they graciously allow us to use on Sunday mornings.

Which Door?: There are 5 entrances to our building (gotta love old buildings!). The door closest to the parking lot is the one most people use and it’s the one that is most likely to be open days other than Sunday. On Sundays, the main entrance facing the parking lot, the side door facing Collins St. and the door to our Community Room facing Liberty St. are all open. You’ll find a station at the entrance to the sanctuary for you to share your prayer requests and monetary offerings.

Dress Code?: Nah. Our pastor dresses business casual, ’cause well, she’s at work, but most people dress as they’re comfortable. Come as you are!

What is worship like?: We worship every Sunday at 10:00am (Kids go to Sunday School after Children’s Time.) We start with any important announcements (usually opportunities to serve our community). Then we really get going with some singing! We pray, hear scripture, take time just for our kids, enjoy special music from our choir or soloists, and hear a message from our pastor. We use tv screens to enhance our worship experience but still have hymn books and bulletins. We enjoy singing both good ol’ hymns and new praise songs and keep it simple with just piano and acoustic guitar. We share Communion on the first Sunday of every month.
Every week we enjoy coffee and snacks in our community room after worship around 11am. Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend this fellowship time!
We have a staffed nursery on our second floor open 9:30-11:30am for kids 4 years old and younger.

Will I Fit In?: Absolutely. Everyone is welcome here. Our pastor starts every worship service by saying, “Whether we are old or young, whether we are first-time or long time worshipers, whether we come full of doubts or confidence, joy or sorrow, in this place we are family.” We say this is the perfect place for imperfect people. God wants a relationship with every person so we want to help you grow into that — it’s what we’re all working on together.