Bearing Fruit through Passionate Worship

Our worship was too passionate to be captured on film!
marketing tips for beginnersReaders’ Digest version:
Worship is for us but it’s not about us, it’s about God. We worship to empty ourselves and get filled up with God’s goodness. We need worship so we’re ready for another week to do the hard work of living as Christians. To be passionate in our worship we must engage with what’s going on and expect God to meet us and change us through it. The story of the first church in the book of Act (Acts 2:42–47) is the perfect example of Sunset chasera passionately worshiping community. No matter what style we choose to worship in, we can be passionate. And we know through passionate worship we will bear good fruit because others will be drawn to the ‘sense of awe’ and renewal we feel and share. May we never lose our passion for worshiping our great and incredible God! And may we worship and honor God in everything we do together!


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