We know the teenage years are some of the most important for a young person’s spiritual development.
We ask our young people to be a part of worship. We P1100552also get them involved in teaching and helping with the younger kids. Our Youth Groups meets every Wednesday at 4pm. We share what’s “new and good” in our lives and our prayer requests. We pray together, watch a video lesson and discuss it, we plan events and mission projects, and usually even have time for a game or two.

We work hard throughout the year to raise money so that all of our kids can go to a week of summer camp at Sky Lake. We also provide Confirmation classes for our high school students when they feel ready to make the decision to join the church.

We want our youth to grow into their faith knowing they are loved, that it’s OK to be different, and that God is always with them to help them stay on track. We want our teens to have fun at church and know how to have fun without drugs and alcohol. We work on how to stand up to peer pressure and being a part of the solution to stop bullying.11987012_958071745104_1409504375861240790_n


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